welcome 2 mai little corner of the interwebs! i'm just your local raver kitty who loves all things rainbow and sparkly ^_^ feel free to take alook around!!

i am by all means an amateur when it comes to building websites from the ground up. but i love to learn and hopefully over time u can see as this site evolves when i gain more knowledge!! my ways of coding r def.. unconventional, or at least it feels that way ^^; so sorry if u take a peak at what goes on in the background and it looks like its held together by ducttape and hopes+dreams.... it is xD anyways, i think its soso cool to have my own page i can do whatever with, as the only limit is myself! i've always been big on customization and adding my own touch to things, and in any video game that has that option i usually spend hours on just playing around :3c so yeah!! maybe my own piece of joy can give u a piece of joy!

add me to your site?

currently playing: Lady Star - Love & Fantasy

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