update log

8/01/23: ahhh its been almost 5 months since the last update! o_O i revamped the layout of the homepage slightly, complete with new graphics! when motivation strikes me again ill get to the other pages... the gallery *shudder* anyways, heres the previous homepage, though its not much different!(also fixed the archived homepages so they show in their intended width sizes)

3/7/23: got rid of some broken stamps cuz they were bothering me :P didnt realize how many of them were just hotlinked from various sites so ill have to go back and download em sometime.. my stamp collection is just basically my one from my th acc and so i just copied the code w/o looking x_x !! also got rid of some content on homepage that was repeated on index + replaced with construction pikas cuz the repetitiveness was also bothering me LOL! maybe ill actually add some stuff soonish, whoops

1/22/23: completely revamped index!!! im rlly happy with it ^_^ may change bg at somepoint because im forever indecisive. onto the other pages! ..not now though. spent too much time troubleshooting x_x. try not to mind all the repeated graphics! planning on doing homepage next. I'll archive it when i do!

11/2/22: just added some things to homepage! stamp collection, a couple gifs, edited marquees. also edited index a bit to include gif background!

10/21/22: updated gallery to have rest of aug, sep, and started oct! also added section for fursona on about me page and some other minor updates just fixing things ^_^ also changed homepage song!

8/30/22: updated favicon and lucifur's site button, added more art to art gallery, and some graphics onto homepage!

8/21/22: got to remaking the art page, new and improved with an iframe so u can view all the dif months in the same page :3 didn't change the 'last updated' date on that page tho, since i didnt add any new art.

8/20/22: revamped site, new logo and icons for nav! slowly rolling it out to rest of pages. old homepage can be found here, also made new button! yeah :D much happier with the look now.